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About the Service

What is a Life Coach?

Part Therapist, Part Consultant, Part Motivational Expert, Part Professional Organizer, Part Friend, Part Nag.  The Personal Coach seeks to do for your life, what a Personal Trainer does for your Body" - Minneapolis St. Paul Star Tribune

Proverb 23.7 says "For as he think in his heart, so is he"  is what Positively Speaking with Rev. Sheryl is all about. What you say about yourself and your life, is what you attract in your life.  Change your speech,  you change your life.    Positively Speaking with Rev. Sheryl,  in 21 days and 4 months I will  have you using and living the most powerful two words of creation -   I AM.   

What is a *Neuro-Linguistic Programming Practitioner (NLP)?

"The Words you speak, become the Life you live. Speak Wisely" Andy Dooley.  A NLP Practitioner helps you analyze what your verbal and conscious words (self-talk) are saying about you.  I help you to reevaluate your inner beliefs that may be outdated and no longer is serving you.  As your NLP Practitioner I will help you become conscious of negative speech patterns, and limiting beliefs through your speech. I will help you rewrite, rewire and revive on a subconscious level -  Positively.   

Who is Rev. Sheryl?

I AM a Non-denominational/Interfaith Minister (no judgement here) with over 35 years of spiritual practice.  I AM a Certified; Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) Practitioner.

 I AM a Certified Life Coach.

  I AM your positively speaking Friend that won't accept 'No" or "Not" from you about you, ever!

Mission Statement for Positively Speaking with Rev. Sheryl:

My purpose is to educate and inspire people to live in their higher self, build on faith, purpose and universal love vs.  to live in fear, conformity-deformity, and need.

The first thing the creative power, God wanted mankind to know is the power of thoughts and words.   "In the beginning was the Word"  and "God said, Let there Be.  Words are powerful.  Learn to use words to live life as intended - positively. 

Ready to Meet-up?

  Let's meet up via, Telephone Conference, Skype, FaceTime, or Chat-room

 I love having coffee & tea with Clients.  If in town, let's meet up at a local cafe.

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